The Partners

Grady Jennings, AIA has been with the firm since 1970. He has served as a principal of the firm since 1981 and currently is serving as Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Grady primarily works out of the San Antonio branch of the office. He serves the firm's projects as Principal-in-Charge, project manager, and designer. Grady has a wide range of experience in building types including public and institutional projects, commercial projects, industrial facilities and both large and small interior design projects.

Grady has had the primary responsibility to direct HKCP/The Interiors Group, a division within HKCP for the past thirty years. This work has enabled him to be involved with the design of numerous commercial, corporate, and institutional interiors projects. During this time period over ten million square feet of interior design has been completed under his direction, with projects ranging from 2,000 SF specialty shops to 300,000 corporate banking projects.

In addition to directing the Interiors Group, Grady has been responsible for managing many large educational projects. He has developed projects for each of the major university systems in Texas, nine projects for the University of North Texas, one of the largest magnet high school projects for Dallas I.S.D., and several other similar public projects.

His association with and interest in educational facilities influenced his nomination and service on the Dallas Independent School Districts Career Education Advisory Board and the American Institute of Architects National Committee on Architecture for Education.

Grady's many strengths include the ability to manage a project, design it, produce it, keep it within the Owners budget, and produce a quality project within the schedule. It was around his multiple abilities that JenningsHHackler has developed its version of the Principal/Project Manager team approach to project development. With his leadership the firm has developed a process which utilizes complete follow through by both of these two key team memsbers throughout the tenure of the project.

B. Kenneth Jay, AIA has been a member of the JenningsHHackler and Partners team since 1986. He was licensed as a practicing Architect in 1978 and worked with five different firms before joining HKCP Architects. His contributions as a member of the design team include maintaining quality production standards, the production and monitoring of construction documents, management of the computers and software, and other details necessary to keep the office production running smoothly. Ken is also experienced in on-site observation and construction administration.

He is experienced in all phases of Architectural practice on many private, commercial, and public institutional projects. His knowledge of detailing and coordination of the project disciplines has been developed by involvement in historic restoration and renovation projects; and early work in construction; where he acquired an understanding of materials, methods, and complexities inherent in a building project.

Being a competitive person, his involvement in school athletics developed his motivation and commitment to whatever project he is has taken on. While his inherent personality to avoid personal attention and conflict, it has enhanced his life experiences by keeping him open to new and varied ideas. Even though Ken learned the creation of drawings by using pencil on vellum, and ink on mylar, he has embraced Computer Aided Design and Drafting and Building Information Modeling. His broad experience in design and construction enhances the ability to employ technology with knowledge and effectiveness.

Robert Hackler, AIA, LEED AP joined the firm in 1981 after several years of teaching in secondary school and two universities. Leveraging his experience in education Robert has programmed and designed dozens of university facilities and public school projects.

Robert serves as President of the firm and oversees the daily operations and management of the studio from the Garland office.

He also leads the studio's laboratory planning services for laboratory and research projects. Robert has been involved in the design of a number of major laboratory projects and developed the firm's design development / quality control process for research facilities.

Utilizing his classroom experience he has also programmed and designed educational projects for public schools, private schools, colleges and universities. He has developed a number of innovative solutions for these clients that have enhanced or expanded the original educational mission of the project. Robert has also served on state and national organizations' educational facility design committees and design award juries.

As well, Robert leads the studio's design efforts in religious structures. Coming from a family with generations of ministers and active in teaching and ministry in his own congregation, he is passionate about creating quality architecture for worship and religious ministry. He has developed Master Plans for a number of congregations and then designed the various projects and phases of construction to complete the plan.